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Are you an industry expert with a passion for sharing real life experiences and subject matter expertise with fellow Responsible Organizations, Service Providers, and key influencers? If so, we want you to join us as a panelist at the 2018 Toll-Free User Summit at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas, October 9-11!
Panels will take place during the General Session on Wednesday, October 10th and offer an exceptional opportunity to share your thought leadership with industry peers. Panel discussions will be moderated by a Somos subject matter expert and will present content shaped by you and your fellow panelists!
If you are interested in sharing your real-life experiences and thought leadership, please review the session topics below and submit to be a part of leading the conversation at this year's Summit.
The Power of Voice
The human voice is becoming a crucial part of the consumer experience. From voice analytics to voice automation, understanding the power of voice will be essential to understanding consumer behavior, developing business strategy and creating effective marketing campaigns.
During this session you’ll learn how to harness voice calls — from automation to sales, brand experience and analytics. Panelists will discuss considerations in choosing between voice automation and human conversation.
The Future is Now: Routing Data and Building for Toll-Free IP Routing
Somos has led the growth of the Toll-Free industry for the past decade, most recently with the development of RouteLink®, an alternative method for accessing routing data to help reduce the overall cost of Toll-Free. A panel of industry experts will discuss the next big development in Toll-Free: the proliferation of IP networks. Hear about the opportunities IP presents and the role Toll-Free will play in the IP future.
Messaging 101: How to Kick-Start Toll-Free Texting & More
Learn the basics of messaging, from the value of texting, to directions on getting started, key use cases and tips on becoming a service registrar. Listen in as companies share why they decided to update their business structures to accommodate text enabled Toll-Free and the impacts they’ve seen on business since. Join the discussion on the benefits of choosing Toll-Free as a texting channel of choice.
Capturing the Secondary Market Opportunity
The Secondary Market is poised to impact how the Toll-Free industry values vanity and memorable numbers. Somos will provide an overview of the secondary market, followed by a panel discussion on emerging trends, top things to know about the market, and tips for getting involved. Tune in to hear about the enduring value of vanity and easy-to-remember numbers and why companies continue to put a premium on them.
Interested in presenting on a topic that is not listed above? We are always seeking proposals that address hot topics and innovations in Toll-Free. Email us at events@somos.com.
Complete the form below to be submitted for consideration. Final panelist submissions are due no later than July 31.
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Are you ready to impart your knowledge upon the 5,000+ attendees at Catersource and the Art of Catering Food 2019? Well then, read on! We have the details for you.

WHEN & WHERE: February 24-27, 2019 in New Orleans, LA at the Morial Convention Center. We’re excited to be back in New Orleans with both tradeshow and conferences under the same roof. We have the premier location within the convention center and plan to integrate conference & networking into all aspects of the four days. 



OUR AUDIENCE: Our audience is comprised of top-level professionals who have been in the industry a long time, but also may bring new hires, and/or recently promoted chefs, managers, and salespeople. Attendees may be representing a small company in a big town, a big company in a small town…or a $500 million-dollar company in a densely populated metro area. But they are all at Catersource & AOCF for the same reason: to be wowed with new products, new education, and new ideas—and network, too.

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Speaker Lead --- Events Seeking Speakers

 Think of this in three steps.

  • Exhibitors are attracted to conventions the right attendees
  • Attendees are attracted to show with the right conference panels.
  • The best panels need on-target speakers.

So show managers need to focus on programs that will attract the kind of attendees that the exhibitors want to sell to.  That’s what Speaker Leads is all about – show managers and meeting planners can post info on their programs and the kind of speakers they want.

We'll soon have an email list you can subscribe to free and get a weekly summary.

So please come back to www.SpeakerLeads.com soon to see the events seeking spekers.